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 Preserve Crab Creek


Ask the Experts

What if we had a chance to discuss the future of Crab Creek with two outstanding experts in rural preservation?  Well, we do!  Thursday, July 29 at 7:00 PM, we're all invited to The Barn in Penrose, 1911 Crab Creek Road, to meet two men who can help us work more effectively with county officials on the upcoming Comprehensive Plan and zoning revisions. 

Come a little early, please, so we can start on time.  And please bring a portable chair if you have one, as we may not have enough chairs on site.

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In 1989, Dana founded the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, which promotes sustainable patterns of development that enhance human communities while protecting natural and cultural resources.  Thirty-some years later, the Conservation League is one of the most successful conservation groups in the US.  If you're a Kindle fan, you can skim a fascinating book that recounts ten of the group's most transformational inititatives.  Or, read a book review that focuses on Dana's devotion to protecting rural communities, as well as the wildlife, clean air, and clean water that are typically the focus of conservation groups.  Dana recently retired and lives part time near Ceasar's Head.  He often cycles on Crab Creek Road and is eager to help protect it.  

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Rick is President of Hall Planning & Engineering in Tallahassee, Florida.  Registered as a transportation engineer in 22 states, Rick plans roads that work for walkers and cyclists and well as cars.  Rick has participated in more than one hundred  "charrettes" that intensively involve citizens in community planning.  He's also helped plan 35 walkable communities.  Rick is currently working with the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League to plan the future of beautiful rural roads across Johns Island, SC that raise the same issues as Crab Creek Road.  Also, Rick loves Henderson County and is eager to help.  He dramatically reduced his rate to serve as an expert witness in the public hearing on the storage facility on July 28. 



The Barn in Penrose is a large, covered space that's completely open on two sides and partially open on a third side.  If it rains we'll stay dry, while also enjoying almost as much ventilation as if we were meeting outdoors.  We chose the location so that people concerned about meeting indoors during a lingering pandemic would feel comfortable.  Remember, please bring a portable chair if you have one ... and many thanks to The Barn in Penrose owner Pinky Haast for making her beautiful space available!