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Deni McIntyre

 Preserve Crab Creek


Last summer, our community united to stop a developer from building a giant storage facility in the heart of Crab Creek.  On September 15, the Henderson County Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) unanimously denied the permit.  In achieving this victory, we learned that rural communities throughout the county are equally vulnerable to development that threatens their beauty, tranquility, ecology, and rural heritage.  So now we're:

  • Working with county officials to keep rural areas rural, countywide.  If rural areas aren't better protected, we'll all need to keep fighting inappropriate development.   Learn more

  • ​Waiting to see whether the storage-facility developer appeals or returns to the ZBA with a modified plan.  Learn more.

  • Continuing to build community around a shared love of Western North Carolina's natural resources and rural heritage.  Ask for updates (below), join our Facebook group, and please consider making a generous donation.