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Deni McIntyre

 Preserve Crab Creek


Crab Creek neighbors and friends recently convinced a county board to stop a developer from building a giant storage facility in the heart of our community.  It was a unanimous decision.  In achieving this victory, we learned that rural communities throughout the county are equally vulnerable to development that threatens their beauty, tranquility, ecology, and cultural heritage.  Now we're:  

  • Working with county officials to keep rural areas rural, countywide.  If rural areas aren't better protected, we'll all need to keep fighting inappropriate development.   Learn more

  • ​Waiting to see whether the storage-facility developer appeals the county's decision or returns to the county with a modified plan.  Learn more.

  • Continuing to build community around a shared love of Western North Carolina's natural resources and rural heritage.  Ask for updates (below), join our Facebook group, and please consider making a generous donation.