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Deni McIntyre

 Preserve Crab Creek




If it's before September 15, it's still worth giving our County Commissioners a piece of your mind about the storage facility.  County Commissioners aren't the ones who will decide whether the facility will be built.  But the Commissioners do appoint members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, which makes the decision.  

William Lapsley, Chairman

(828) 697-4808,

Rebecca McCall, Vice-Chair

(828) 697-4808,

J. Michael Edney, Commissioner

(828) 697-4808,

David Hill, Commissioner

(828) 697-4808,

Daniel Andreotta, Commissioner

(828) 697-4808,


If you're wondering what to say to public officials, listen to Crab Creek residents speaking to our County Commissioners on June 7, 2021.  Also, below is sample language you might want to borrow.  Or borrow language from other pages on this site, including The Storage Facility and The Backstory.  Please feel free to add your own personal touch.

I'm writing in opposition to the proposed self-storage facility on Crab Creek Road.  I understand that County Commissioners aren't directly involved, but please do what you can to guide the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) to the right decision on this permit. 

I've lived in the Crab Creek Community for XXX years.  This is a safe, peaceful, rural community whose unspoiled character must not be compromised by strip commercial development.  This storage facility would be as large as a big-box retail store.  By creating an eyesore, potentially polluting the creek, and causing a variety of public safety problems, it could sharply decrease the value of nearby properties.  

I've been told that the ZBA is more likely to permit the storage facility because the county didn't work with local residents to create a detailed plan for Crab Creek.  Given a choice, we would have protected one of the last rural roads in the county, which is also the gateway to DuPont Forest and a variety of camps and resorts.  Crab Creek residents shouldn't have to pay, nor should our local tourism economy suffer, because we didn't get a chance to develop a plan for our community.



You can copy and paste the addresses below to send one quick email to County Commissioners:,,,,


If you need help writing a letter, email Nina deCordova.  She can edit what you've written, or even listen to your concerns and draft a letter for you.