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 Preserve Crab Creek

Deni McIntyre


THE County plan

Roughly every 20 years, Henderson County starts a new comprehensive planning process, which involves extensive public input on future growth and development.  The county’s next comprehensive planning process began in July 2021.  This schedule dovetails perfectly with the urgency now felt in Crab Creek about protecting this community’s rural character.


As part of the comprehensive planning process, county staff will soon determine a schedule for visiting different sites to work on small-scale “community plans.”  Crab Creek residents have asked the county Planning Board if the county could begin working here first.   


Once the planning process begins, there are many rural protection tools that the county could explore using to protect Crab Creek.  A "corridor overlay district" can protect a beautiful rural road.  Commercial uses can be confined to well-designed "community service centers."  A "purchase of development rights" program can be used to compensate rural landowners if it becomes critical to protect certain properties. 

Rural protection tools are available.  What's needed, typically, is a group of well-informed citizens who insist that these tools be used.

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